SH 25 Wrought Iron Door

SH 25 Wrought Iron Door

Why choose StonehengeUS Custom Wrought Iron Entry Doors

  • All doors are made of heavy 12 gauge steel with 16 x 16 mm or custom specifications.
  • Hinged glass opens allowing easy access for cleaning and ventilating.
  • Window lock controls the opening and closing of glass frame.
  • Polyurethane foam layer adds insulation from the heat or the cold.
  • All thresholds are hand- forged and fully-welded.
  • All of our doors undergo a unique seven-step process: Sandblast, Zinc-coat, anti-corrosive prime, middle coat, top coat, faux finish, clear coat.
  • Rubber weatherstripping is installed around the door frame and around the interior glass frame.
  • Door sweep is installed underneath the door.
  • Up and down extension ball latches are installed on all doors.
  • On the lower half of the window, there is a small decline for water to run-off.
  • All doors come with a standard deadbolt lock.

The FAQ: StonehengeUS Wrought Iron Entry Doors.

Do you make custom doors?
A: Yes, we specialize in custom doors. Speak to your salesperson for more details.

Do your doors come with a jamb?
A: Yes, all doors come with a 2” x 6” jamb.

Do the doors come with threshold welded to the frame?
A: Yes.

How do you determine if a door is a left hand or right-hand swing?
A: If you are standing outside the door and the handle is on the left, it is a right-hand swing door.
If you are standing outside the door and the handle is on the right, it is a left-hand swing door.

What is the thickness of the doors?
A: Two inches.

What is included with the doors?
A: All doors come with clear glass, standard American dead-bolt locks, and your choice of Roman or Cathedral door handles.

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