Bluestone Sandstone Stair Treads

Take your stair and steps to the next level with StonehengeUS stair treads that add both appeal and beauty to your home. With so many colors to choose from, there’s no need to settle for plain treads.


Available Sizes

4’ x 6” x 2”
6’ x 6” x 2”
4’ x 8” x 2”
6’ x 8” x 2”
4’ x 10” x 2”
5’ x 10” x 2”
6’ x 10” x 2”
4’ x 12” x 2”
5’ x 12” x 2”
6’ x 12” x 2”
7’ x 12” x 2”
8’ x 12” x 2”
5’ x 14” x 2”
6’ x 14” x 2”

Square Edge Caps

StonehengeUS 3″ square edge column caps are the finishing touch for columns.
Available in multiple colors and sizes:

Bluestone Sandstone Stair Treads

Why StonehengeUS Stair Treads?


All StonehengeUS natural dimensional stone is made from high-quality materials. We use precision machinery and procedures to ensure accuracy. All StonehengeUS products are thoroughly inspected before shipment.

Multiple Color Options

With many colors to choose from, there’s no need to settle for plain stair treads. Additionally, you can match stair treads with similar StonehengeUS products such as our paver line.

Warranty & Support

All  stone products come with our standard warranty coverage. Peace of mind is important when purchasing a stone products. StonehengeUS is a New York based company with both salesman and technicians servicing all of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.