Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kit


Only a STONEHENGEus wood fired pizza oven can truly spark culinary passion and invite all the senses.

Don't be fooled by overpriced pizza oven kits on the market, STONEHENGEus Wood Fired Pizza Oven kits are more affordable and easier to install than any other oven available!

The oven base is designed to allow you to customize the configuration of your pizza oven and counter work surface.

STONEHENGEus wood fired pizza oven kit comes ready to stone. Our oven base is an iron structure with galvanized wire. We sand blast, zinc coat and prime the structure so it will last for years. Simply attach the stone of your choice and enjoy the look of your beautiful new wood fired pizza oven.

  • The bases are bolted together with 4 bolts
  • The granite is cut to size and sits directly on the base
  • The Stainless steel doors are pre-installed into the base
  • The oven is fully assembled- simply place it on the granite and FIRE IT UP!
    *Add stone of your choice at any time

Product Weight and Dimensions

  • Imperial - 319 lbs
  • Royal - 726 lbs | 36.5" L x 39.5" W
  • Deluxe - 1,190 lbs | 7' L x 39.5" W

Installation Instructions


Operating Manual

Operating Manual

Imperial Kit (Oven Top Only + Accessories)

STONEHENGEus Imperial wood fired pizza oven kit is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

  • The oven is fully assembled- simply place it on top of your existing fireproof outdoor kitchen countertop and FIRE IT UP!

Imperial Kit Black Edition (Oven Top Only + Accessories)

STONEHENGEus Imperial wood fired pizza oven kit featuring a black top is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

  • The oven is fully assembled- simply place it on top of your existing fireproof outdoor kitchen countertop and FIRE IT UP!

Duke Kit (Oven Top Only + Accessories)

STONEHENGEus DUKE wood fired pizza oven kit is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

  • The oven is fully assembled- simply place it on top of your existing fireproof outdoor kitchen countertop and FIRE IT UP!

Your new STONEHENGEus Pizza oven is ready for use once properly assembled! Get ready to start cooking! Below are some tips, suggestions, and tricks to make the best use of your new STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven!

Historically, wood-fired ovens were used as communal bread ovens! Your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven can be used to cook bread, fish, meats or any food that could be cooked in a conventional oven- in fact, these foods will be enhanced by the wood smoke flavoring. Temperatures and cooking times will be based on the food you are cooking

Getting Started:

1. Always start a fire using hardwoods appropriate for fireplace use or for smoking meats or other foods. You may also use high-quality lump charcoal.

2. Do not use any chemical agents to ignite a fire. These chemicals can soak into the oven and affect the taste and quality of your food. Wax starter logs should also not be used. Do not use paper, garbage, or any treated or synthetic woods.

3. To begin using your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven start by placing smaller pieces of kindling wood in the middle of the oven and then add larger logs once the fire is ignited.

4. After the logs are ignited, allow the oven to reach the desired temperature which can be monitored using the temperature gauge located on the right side of your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven. Once the desired temperature is reached allow some time for the heat to be absorbed into the inner surfaces of the oven.

5. Once you have reached the desired temperature, the logs have a small flame and glowing embers, and the fire is under control carefully push the logs or coals to the back of the oven. You will then place your pizza directly on the floor of the oven, where the fire was started.

6. STONEHENGEus Pizza Ovens include a convenient temperature gauge on the outside of the oven. You may also use an infrared thermometer to test the temperature. Ideal placement is typically the area where the fire was prior to being pushed to the rear of the oven.


1. There are many variables that will affect how your pizza is cooked as well as a wide range of techniques in pizza cooking. Some trial and error will be necessary before finding the ideal conditions. The temperature, material used for the fire, the thickness and consistency of the dough and toppings, as well as outside temperatures and humidity may affect the outcome. Be prepared to spend some time learning how to make your perfect pizza!

2. Thin crust pizza is most like a traditional Italian pizza. Common practice is to cook these types of pizzas at 450°-500°for approximately 4-6 minutes, dependent upon individual tastes and preferences.

3. A thicker crust and thicker layer of toppings will require a longer cook time of approximately 10-15 minutes.

Experimentation will help you create the perfect pizza for your family!

4. Always take caution when dealing with high temperatures and fires. There is no need for a pizza stone; the pizza should be cooked right on the floor of your STONEHENGEus Pizza oven. For your convenience all STONEHENGEus Pizza ovens come with a pizza peel to slide the pizza into the oven. Cornmeal or flour can be used to help the pizza slide easily from the peel to the oven surface. Some technique is necessary to carefully slide the pizza onto the oven floor without losing any toppings. We recommend practicing this move before trying inside a hot oven.

5. You will need to rotate your pizza using the provided pizza peel to ensure even cooking. The sides closest to the fire will cook faster. The pizza dough will become firm quickly after being placed on the hot oven floor, this will allow for easy rotation and removal of the pizza.


As with any cooking surface, caution should always be taken when using your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven. External parts of the oven will become extremely hot. Protective mitts or hot pads are recommended for safety. Since there will be multiple hot surfaces of your pizza oven users should always be aware of the potential for burns. Since this oven will often reach temperatures over 700° extra vigilance in safe cooking techniques are required. Please note your STONEHENGEus Pizza oven comes with a metal door that is heavy and can be very hot, the door is not attached to the oven so extra caution should be exercised when removing or replacing the door.

When using your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven ensure that proper clothing is worn and all combustible materials are kept at a safe distance from the oven and any open flames.


As with any cooking appliance, your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven will need to be cleaned after use. Ensure that the oven is completely cooled before cleaning, it is usually best to wait until the next day. A clean oven will be the best environment for pizza cooking. Your STONEHENGEus Pizza Oven comes with a wire brush to aid in cleaning the floor of the oven. After cleaning be sure to replace the oven door and use the provided cover for protection against the elements.